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Why Outdoor Advertising Should Be Part Of Your Media Mix

Outdoor advertising, also known as out-of-home (OOH) advertising, refers to any type of advertising that takes place outside of a home or business. This can include billboards, bus shelters, and other types of signage that are visible to the public.

In the Philippines, outdoor advertising also known widely as Out-Of-Home Media (OOH), is considered as one of the top three media which serves as awareness builders for brands.

There are several reasons why outdoor advertising can be a valuable addition to your media mix:

  • Reach: Outdoor advertising allows you to reach a large audience, particularly if your ads are placed in high-traffic areas. This can be especially effective if you're targeting a local audience, as many people are more likely to see your ads when they're out and about in their own community.

  • Frequency: Outdoor advertising has the ability to deliver high frequency, meaning that people are likely to see your ads multiple times as they go about their daily lives. This can help to increase brand awareness and recall.

  • Flexibility: Outdoor advertising can be a flexible and cost-effective way to reach your target audience. You can choose from a range of sizes and locations for your ads, and you can also adjust your ad spend based on your budget and marketing goals.

  • Targeting: While outdoor advertising is generally less targeted than other forms of advertising, such as digital, you can still choose locations and formats that are likely to reach specific demographics or target markets. For example, you can choose to place your ads on billboards near sporting venues if you're targeting sports fans, or on bus shelters in areas with a high concentration of students if you're targeting a younger audience.

Overall, outdoor advertising can be a valuable addition to your media mix because it allows you to reach a large, local audience with high frequency, while also offering flexibility and targeting options.

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